Ready To Roll Pre-Ground (I) - 14g-Cosmic OG
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Ready To Roll Pre-Ground (I) - 14g-Cosmic OG

per 1/2 oz
Total THC/A15.9%

Chill out anywhere with the original Ready to Roll kit, which includes high-quality pre-ground indica cannabis, crutches, and hemp rolling papers. Utilizing the best whole buds (both large and small), the sungrown flower is perfectly ground for an enhanced smoking experience. No shake, no additives, and no buds left behind. 


This mellow mood-inducing strain is excellent rolled in a joint or packed in your favorite bong. A premium smoking experience that relaxes, soothes, and opens your mind to far out destinations. Convenient weed and less mess, ready to roll or pack whenever and wherever you are. 


Rolls approximately 28 .5g joints. Share the good times and roll one for you and a pal! 

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