Unrivaled Eighth - Silver OG, 3.5g
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Unrivaled Eighth - Silver OG, 3.5g

per 1/8 oz
Total THC/A29.1%

Bred by Virgin Seed Company, Silver OG remains a bold, bright choice for those wanting higher THC content. With a perfectly potent balance between sativa and indica, this inviting hybrid provides a warm, mellow feel blended with a refreshing tingly sensation from head to toe. Flavorfully fruity Silver OG also offers a welcome mental mood boost paired with calm euphoria, making it an ideal option for those seeking relief from anxious thoughts and daily stresses. Try during the day for an uplifting buzz or indulge in the early evening for a sweet, soothing end of your day. The flavor of this rare hybrid is sweet Haze with a surprising OG Kush kick.


Unrivaled Eighths are focused on delivering high potency, aiming for a minimum for 30% THC for those looking for an unrivaled experience. Look for them in our new boxed packaging.

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